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  • Postwaan and the "FaraPost Network"
  • Postwaan and the "FaraPost Network"

    Postwaan and the "FaraPost Network"

    Postwaan from its commencement has decided to create a postal network named “FaraPost Network” by means of building a sustainable network within postal and non-postal entities complementing one another’s businesses. Postal entities of our network will collaborate with each other through Postwaan’s infrastructure to deliver efficient and effective services to customers. Postwaan facilitates communication & connections between network entities and ensures the quality of services for the end user through its collaborative management platform. With over 300 physical touchpoints and about 50,000 daily door to door deliveries, our postal network is the largest private postal network in Iran. Postwaan is ready to serve its customers with serving our postal service provider’s network.


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